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Bring Humble Faith to the women in your community!

Whether you need a single message for a small event or someone to speak at a full-blown retreat, Humble Faith would be delighted to help! We love sharing the Word of God and welcome the chance to speak at your next event. Please explore our current list of topics and reach out to us to discuss the details of your upcoming event.


Don’t see the topic you’re hoping for? Let’s connect! Depending on our upcoming schedule, we may be able to develop something new for your event! 


Chrissie Angell

One of my favorite ministry opportunities is to be in a room full of women, worshipping the Lord in Truth! As we dig into Scripture, the Holy Spirit begins to minister to hearts and minds and something special always happens. The Word of God is alive and active, and I cannot get enough!

I would love to chat with you about the opportunity to speak at your next event!

Current Topics

Experiencing Abundance (Retreat Series or Stand Alone, Key-Note Messages)

We’re each going through life, doing our best, giving our all. We work hard. We enjoy our family and friends and the things God has given us. But sometimes it feels like something is missing, that there has to be more to life than this.

Jesus told us He came to give us abundant life. What is that, and how can we have it, because it sounds fantastic?! Chrissie will help you explore the life Jesus promises by teaching you to:

  • Understand what abundant life entails so you can fully embrace it.

  • Recognize what threatens to steal the life you’re promised and overcome those distractions.

  • Replace discontent and emptiness with the beautiful blessings available only through living a life of abundance.

Abundant life is a gift Jesus wants to give you! Let’s dig into the Word to learn more about how He does that!

Avoiding Undone (Retreat Series or Stand Alone, Key-Note Messages)

It is so easy to become consumed with fulfilling our purpose, with making sure our life counts for something. That striving can leave you physically and emotionally exhausted, overwhelmed, lost. . . undone. Chrissie will reveal truths learned from the life of Moses to teach you to:

  • Release self-inflicted pressure by allowing God to take the pressure for you.

  • Stop getting in God’s way and start doing things His way.

  • Exchange the tiresome effects of striving for the peace of walking with the Lord.

Together we’ll explore God’s plan for living the life of purpose He designed specifically for you!

Conquering Insecurity (Key-Note Message)

Insecurity. It sneaks into our minds and begins to consume our hearts. It causes us to question our abilities and self-worth. It cripples us; it binds us. . . it hurts. Chrissie shares her past struggles with insecurity and lessons the Lord has taught her so that you can:

  • Reject the enemy’s weapon of insecurity and replace it with God’s view of who you are.

  • Stop questioning the value of your life and realize what you’re really worth.

  • Cast off insecurity and walk confidently in who God created you to be.

You were designed with purpose! Let’s explore God’s plan for conquering insecurity so you can become the woman He created you to be!

Discovering Freedom (Key-Note Message)

Insomnia. Stress eating. Irritability. These are a few of the many common symptoms brought on by worry, fear, and anxiety. If we’re not careful, worry, fear, and anxiety can consume our thoughts and steal our peace. Chrissie uses personal stories and Biblical truths to encourage you to:

  • Escape the suffocating grip of worry and embrace the peace that comes from the Lord.

  • Replace the consuming symptoms of fear with true delight in the Lord.

  • Develop a practical plan you can practice today to free yourself from anxiety’s snares.

Discover the freedom God desires for you as we explore His Word together!


“It was such a pleasure having Chrissie speak at our event. Chrissie’s use of humor and personal examples allowed her to connect with the women on a personal level. She brought God’s Word to life in a powerful way and touched many lives that night. We are so thankful for Chrissie’s beautiful heart and can’t thank her enough for sharing with us.” 

April Griffin

Executive Director, Homefront Heroes Ministries

"Chrissie is passionate, knowledgeable, and well-spoken. I have had numerous opportunities to hear her speak and she has a remarkable way of showing us how scripture is relevant in our lives every day.  Her love for the Lord shines through and excites others to seek him."

Heidi Logsdon


"Our ladies love Chrissie Angell’s ministry. She is an engaging speaker who clearly teaches God’s Word as she transparently shares her testimony. Her passion for memorizing and meditating on Scripture is contagious. Allow me to wholeheartedly recommend her to you."

Pam Adrian

Women's Ministry Director

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