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Whether you need a single message for a small event or someone to present messages for a full-blown retreat, Humble Faith would be delighted to help! We love sharing the Word of God and welcome the chance to speak at your next event! 


Life is busy and many things compete for our attention. But being in relationship with Christ is the key to becoming the women God created us to be. We must pursue Him daily if we are ever going to experience the joy of living abundantly.


When our team speaks at your event, they will inspire the women in your community to invite Christ into their daily lives. Our goal is for them to head home committed to pursuing Christ and equipped with tools and a plan to make it attainable! Creation is completed IN Christ Jesus!


“It was such a pleasure having Chrissie speak at our event. Chrissie’s use of humor and personal examples allowed her to connect with the women on a personal level. She brought God’s Word to life in a powerful way and touched many lives that night. We are so thankful for Chrissie’s beautiful heart and can’t thank her enough for sharing with us.” 

April Griffin

Executive Director, Homefront Heroes Ministries

"Chrissie is passionate, knowledgeable, and well-spoken. I have had numerous opportunities to hear her speak and she has a remarkable way of showing us how scripture is relevant in our lives every day.  Her love for the Lord shines through and excites others to seek him."

Heidi Logsdon



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