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How Long, O Lord?

Down on my knees

I lift my eyes.

Out of desperation

I pray You hear my cries.

The pain I feel,

Sadness I always bear.

How long must I wait,

To feel You care?

My trust in You

Will never falter.

Every inch of this house

Is suddenly my altar.

I know Your love.

I feel You here.

Please, Lord, conquer

Because the enemy is near.

Though I am fearful

Of my everyday

I am confident

You will help me find a way.

Steadfast love,

You continue faithfully.

My salvation in You,

Do You find it favorably?

My praises will only be Yours

For You are my strength.

How long, O Lord,

Until I see Your face?

Alyssa Beebe is a Contributor and Poet for Humble Faith Ministries. Her relationship with the Lord is her joy; she seeks to pursue Him more daily and uses poetry to glorify Him. Her prayer is that the words she writes encourages others to soak up His love. She and her husband have two, ginger-hair kiddos who fill their home with love and laughter.

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Apr 10, 2023

Oh, I needed this today! Thank you for sharing your heart with us, Alyssa!


Jennifer Biron
Jennifer Biron
Apr 10, 2023

Love this so much. It resonates with me deeply. Thank you for sharing


This is beautiful! “Every inch of this house is suddenly my altar” . . . Love this line. Our “everyday” becomes a place to come to Him.

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