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Running to Redemption

I was running,

Far and fast away.

A voice I heard

Calling after me.

“Slow down, my child.

I see you. I love you.

No need to run.”

A voice so sweet.

He is my Father,

One I’d never known.

I was tired and worn.

He said,

“Rest in Me.”

I weep.

He told me not to cry,

And trust in Him.

I can be saved,

And be forgiven.

No sin is too deep.

His blood was shed

On that old rugged cross.

The pain He endured

Every lash was for me.

I laid my burdens down

At his feet.

“Forgive me, Abba, Father.

Help me to turn away

From the old.”

With outstretched arms

My life was now new.

I was now adopted.

By grace I was forgiven.

My identity is in Him.

I was running

Far and fast

Into the arms of Christ.

Alyssa Beebe is a Contr