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Renewed Identity

I was saved early in my adult years. I was a blood-bought, Jesus-loving, Holy Spirit-filled, transparent Christian woman. My day in and day out life as a momma and wife serving God and my family was my normal. One Sunday, we were home visiting the church where my husband and I had gotten married three years earlier. That Sunday, there was a song I was not familiar with.

“I know who I am; I know who I am; I know who I am. I am yours; I am yours…”

The song's chorus was simple; it was upbeat and catchy. But I was standing there weeping. Tears streamed down my face, and I was choked by the words.

You see, at that moment, I could not sing that I knew who I was. Sure, I knew I was a Jesus gal, a Christian, and had been for years but I felt so lost in the normalcy of life. I was a military wife and mother, but aside from that, I did not feel like I knew who I was. At that moment, standing in a place that felt safe, this revelation came upon me.

In the days and weeks that followed, I expressed my heartache to the Lord and asked that He would guide me to the truth of who He says I am. He did just that. I was led to Scriptures that renewed my heart, mind, and strength. I had sisters in Christ pray with me and encourage me. I spent time in worship of the One True God. I was renewed, identified as His, and redeemed.

I share this story because, as Christians, there will be times, even when we don’t realize it, that we need renewal. Renewal of mind (Ephesians 4:23), renewal of our hearts (Psalm 27:14), and sometimes renewal of our Spirit (Psalm 51:10). The actions I took helped me to heal and grow. But the first part was being honest with myself and the Lord.

Take a moment and reflect on your relationship with God. Are you in need of renewal in any area? Remember, God is with you. He knows our needs, and He will draw us to seek after Him. He will renew us!

Now when I hear that wonderful song, “I know who I am; I know who I am; I know who I am. I am yours; I am yours, and Jesus You are mine” I can sing with tears of joy because I know who I am in Christ! I am blood-bought by Jesus. I am a lover of God. I am filled with the Holy Spirit. I am called to be a transparent and loving Christian woman. I am renewed!

Song “I Know Who I Am” by Israel Houghton.

Therese Ragland is a Contributor for Humble Faith Ministries, a working, single momma, and Life Coach. She loves Jesus and His people with truth and tenderness.

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