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Thank You for Praying for HFM!

Wow! We are blown away by your prayers for Humble Faith Ministries! We have felt them. The Lord has moved. We are refreshed and ready to run anew.

We have several exciting things coming up---more on those very soon! Until then, we want to share one final prayer with you--the prayer of our hearts for Humble Faith Ministries.

We have many dreams for the future of Humble Faith, but none can compare to the Lord’s plans for this ministry, for this community. We want to assure you that in all things, we continue to seek His will because we know His ways are perfect. We pray His will over this ministry and over each of you.

Sweet friend, if you’re not sure what the next step He has for you is, seek Him.

If you are confident you know exactly what He wants you to do next, seek Him.

If you’re somewhere in the middle, seek Him!

In all your ways acknowledge him,

and he will make straight your paths.

Proverbs 3:6 (ESV)

Seek the Lord daily so that you can walk alongside of Him in humble faith.

Chrissie Angell is the Executive Director and a Co-founder of Humble Faith Ministries. She is a speaker, writer, and Bible teacher passionate about pointing women to Jesus and helping them live out their Kingdom assignments. She and her husband, Brian, live in Kentucky with their two boys and their yellow lab, Charger.

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