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Pressing On

Nearest and dearest,

Some days can be tough.

You want more sleep,

Laundry piled in a heap,

And your day is filled with stuff.

Kids constantly calling,

Body parts consistently falling,

Baseball gear always hauling,

Trying your best to be enthralling.

Perfect you strive to be,

And wishing you had more

Than one “me”.

Take a breath, friend.

For you alone,

Will not make it to the end.

Even for a moment cry out

To the One who gave you life.

He will take away all strife,

And make you feel larger-than-life.

Sweet sister,

You work so hard

And it is seen.

But only He can give you that boost

To conquer that bathroom to clean.

Look to Him

When you need to weep,

Especially when doubt starts to creep.

“When was the last time that corner,

Was given a good sweep?”

You are doing your best,

The Almighty knows.

Your kids are loved

And it always shows.

But your walk in Christ

Should regularly grow.

It will make a difference

You will see.

God will always be there,

When you realize

It’s been many days and…

You haven’t brushed your hair.

Alyssa Beebe is a Contributor and Poet for Humble Faith Ministries. Her relationship with the Lord is her joy; she seeks to pursue Him more daily and uses poetry to glorify Him. Her prayer is that the words she writes encourages others to soak up His love. She and her husband have two, ginger-hair kiddos who fill their home with love and laughter.

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