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Advent Blog Series: Women in the Lineage of Christ

A Testimony

The Story of Jesus: His birth, life, and death.

We can read and understand this story because of the many accounts or testimonies written in the Word of God. This month we have a Blog Series on the women in the lineage of Christ. Their stories may be different from what you might expect, especially as a part of the coming attractions to the Savior of the world. However, that Savior, Jesus, would also not look and present Himself as the people of the day expected either.

As we read through the Old Testament, we discover God’s plan and provision for this Savior would be made through everyday people of that time, with real-life difficulties and fears, triumphs and failures, happiness and sadness, as well as literal feasts and famines.

Just like today, these people needed rescue from the pains of sin and death and to be given hope for the future. Through these stories, you will see snapshots of who Christ would be and the redemption that would come through His sacrifice. These stories are not just about the bloodline or relationships these women had but their lives and who was in them.

The stories of Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary are a part of a great love story. That story of God’s love for us endures forever. We hope that this series will draw you nearer to Him, that you might walk in His ways, and be a part of the continuing story of His love for the world around you.

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